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Cryptocurrency and More – An Overview of Intro to Crypto

In early June of 2017, a friend of mine started sending me daily text messages about this thing called Ethereum.  He claimed he had already made a lot of money on this thing called a cryptocurrency.  He kept pushing me to get in on it ASAP.  Not one to just jump in on something I know nothing about, I started doing my best to learn about Ethereum.  Over the last couple of months I’ve educated myself on Ethereum, the blockchain, Bitcoin, distributed networks, and so on.  I now have a basic level of understanding about what makes a cryptocurrency valuable and the underlying technologies involved.

Teach to Learn

Being new to the space, my primary goal with this website is to better my understanding by teaching.  As a high school math teacher, I’ve come to find that one of the best ways to understand something is to teach it.  If you can simplify something and teach it well, you know you’ve got a good grasp on the subject.  More info about this learning method developed by Nobel-prize winning physicist Prichard Feynman can be found below:

Blogging for Dad

My number one student with regards to this is my father.  He worked in the banking industry as a computer consultant before the age of the internet.  Though he has a background in technology, he has been retired and out of practice for a while now. I was a teenager during the age of Bulletin Boards (LINK), the precursor to the world wide web, and grew up ahead of the curve when it came to computing.   While not being a tech wizard myself, I’d like to think I’m a bit ahead of the average Joe, having a healthy interest in technology and past employment in web development.  It is from this perspective that I plan on writing regular blog posts as I learn new things about digital money.

Cryptocurrency Resources

This site is also intended to be a resource-rich destination for anyone learning about cryptocurrencies.  There is a Glossary to help with new vocabulary used by techies and traders operating in the space.  Currency Profiles provide detailed information and resources on the most popular coins.  The Frequently Asked Questions page contains common questions and answers.  Further Resources will contain links to people, sites, exchanges, gear and whatever else I come across I deem has value.

Lastly, I would like to say welcome to one and all.  If you come away from this site having increased your knowledge about cryptocurrencies then it was worth it.

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