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Play Along With A Strange Christmas Bitcoin Request

Good Morning and Merry Christmas!  I’m reaching out with a bit of a strange Christmas request. For Christmas this year, I’m asking that friends and family buy themselves a small amount of Christmas Bitcoin.  I have had more than a few discussions over the last few months with many who are interested in the topic but have yet to pull the trigger and buy a small amount.  I feel this is mostly because it isn’t super easy or instant.  It can also feel a little like gambling instead of an investment.

Here is my request:  Take $100 and buy yourself some Christmas Bitcoin.  Once you’ve got it, hold onto it until Christmas time 2018. Yes it just had a huge run up and yes it is due for a correction. The cryptocurrency exchanges are very volatile, with prices gaining or losing anywhere from 10-40% very quickly.  However, if you are planning on holding for a long period of time (6+ months), then the daily ups and downs shouldn’t concern you much.  This is why I’d like you to buy a bit and hold on for a year or more.  Most projections are that the overall value will continue to rise over the next few years.

Below I have listed a set of instructions for an easy way to purchase your first Bitcoin.  Be aware you aren’t actually purchasing a whole coin, but some small portion of the currency.  Also know that the process I outline will take roughly one to two weeks as creating an account and moving money over generally takes about 5 business days to process.  Full disclosure – using my affiliate link for Coinbase below will give each of us a $10 bonus once your first trade has been confirmed.

Before (or after) you go through the process, feel free to explore this to find out more about cryptocurrencies.  If you are not yet fully aware about what Bitcoin is or how it all works, you can find out more on my What Is Bitcoin page.  I discuss a few topics such as what gives Bitcoin value and where it comes from.  If you are already in the know, I’d love to hear your feedback as well.

Steps for buying your Christmas Bitcoin:

  1. Head over to Coinbase using this link: (
  2. Create an account for yourself.  As different exchanges have different requirements for various levels of trading, I can’t recall what information Coinbase requires to set up the account.  Be aware that it is based in San Francisco and is one of the most reputable and stable ways to purchase Bitcoin, as well as a couple other coins.
  3. Once your account has been approved, you will be able to purchase some Bitcoin.  There is a way to do make the purchase without paying any fees, but this process is a bit more complex than simply buying some Bitcoin.  If you want to get a little more complex, watch this video on how to make your purchase without paying the fee ( which involves making a limit buy on the Coinbase associated exchange called GDAX.
  4. Be aware that the actual transaction will take roughly 5 business days to process.
  5. That’s it!  Once you are done you will own some Bitcoin and be a part of this crazy new world.  Don’t touch it.  What you want to do now is “HODL it” (Hold On for Dear Life).  Don’t let the volatility of the markets scare you.  Don’t buy into the hype or the “FUD” (fear/uncertainty/doubt).  Instead, take some time an learn more about what many consider to be the next revolution of the internet.  Just let it do whatever it’s going to do over the next year. We will check in late 2018 and see what has come of your $100.

Thanks for participating and playing along!  I really think this whole world is fascinating.  While Bitcoin has been around for about 8 years, you’ll still be head of the curve by getting involved now.  Worst case scenario is you gambled $100 with me in Vegas and nothing came of it.  Best case scenario…?

I’d love to discuss the idea of Christmas Bitcoin and answer any questions you may have in the comments.

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