Travis and Darrell standing in front of a temple in Japan.

About Travis Ball and Intro to Crypto

Welcome welcome welcome to Intro to Crypto!  My name is Travis Ball and I created this site because I found myself diving down the rabbit hole of cryptocurrencies and wanted an outlet to help teach it to others.  There is a ton of information out there on this subject, and I felt someone needed to distill it down into easily understandable pieces.  This is easier said than done as there are a long of technical terms and not everyone learning about the space starts at the same level.

I have a varied background that includes time spent as a web developer for Sony, a second assistant director for the film and entertainment industry, a production coordinator for the Emmys, an event photographer, a travel blogger, and I even tended bar in Hollywood and Sydney.  I am currently teaching geometry and algebra 2 to high school students in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Intro to Crypto

My intention with this site is give back to a community I am slowly learning about and becoming a part of.  I can see how much I have already learned during conversations with my father about what he does and doesn’t know.  I hope to use the blog section as a place to give updates on what I have found, where I am confused, and things I am excited about.  In trying to explain all of this to my father, I aim to gain an even better understanding of the subject and pass that on to the community as a whole.

Lastly let me say that none of this is investment advice.  I’m certainly in no position to give it and you should do your own research anyhow.  If you ARE going to invest, don’t invest more than you are willing to lose.  These markets are very volatile and any investments I make I do for the long haul (think years).

Just starting out as well? Have a question or comment?  Reach out and say hi!

Much of the information used for this site has been taken from a variety of sources, including Wikipedia, Investopedia, and various other sites.  Also, as a disclaimer, some links are affiliate links, meaning if you use a link I could reap a small benefit from it.  For example, if you use a link from my site to Coinbase and begin using the site, then I will earn enough for a couple cups of coffee.